CAGU Association
Written by Administrator


Dick New

Hon Treasurer:

Roy Guy


Alan Duggins


1. Name
The Union shall be called the “Cambridgeshire Area Golf Union”.

2. Object
The object of the Union Shall be to encourage the playing of amateur golf by promoting matches at County level, Inter-club level and on an individual basis, and by the staging of championships, competitions and by the giving of prizes, and by any other means which from time to time may be determined.

3. Membership
(a) All Golf Clubs in the county of Cambridgeshire and its immediate surrounds recognised by the Union shall be eligible for membership.
(b) Every male playing member of a member Club is a member of the Union and may take part in any championship, competition, or other event which may be promoted by the Union provided that this entry conforms with the rules and regulations relating to any such promotion.

4. Equity
In the activities for which it is constituted, the Cambridgeshire Area Golf Union is fully committed to the accepted principles and practises of equality of opportunity in golf. The Union expects its member clubs, in dealings with employees, members, prospective members, volunteers and visitors to be equally committed to these principles and to conform to the spirit and the legal requirements of all relevant legislation. The Union will support the clubs in actions they might take to eliminate unfair treatment and discrimination of any of their members, employees, volunteers and visitors.

5. Officers
The Officers of the Union shall be:-
The President, the Deputy President, the Captain, the Vice-Captain, the Immediate Past Captain, the Secretary, the Competitions and Matches Secretary, the Treasurer, the Development Officer.
The selection of teams to represent the Union shall be the responsibility of the Captain, the Vice-Captain and the Immediate Past Captain.

6. Management
(a) The management of the Union shall be vested in the Council consisting of the Officers as ex-officio members, two representatives nominated by and from each member Club of which the first names such Representative shall be called the Executive Member, any elected Delegate to the Council of England Golf or to the Council of the Midland Golf Union who is not a member otherwise.
Eight persons present shall be a quorum.
(b) The Council shall have the power to appoint from its own number an Executive Committee comprising the Officers and the Executive Member from each member Club to conduct the affairs of the Union between meetings of the Council. Likewise, it shall have power to appoint such other committees for such special purposes as it deems necessary, and to delegate to them any of its powers including the power to co-opt members for special duties, but not the power to elect or expel members or the making, altering or revoking of any of these Rules or of any Competition Rules.
(c) Before commencing business at the first Council Meeting or General Meeting following an Annual General Meeting, the Council shall appoint from its number a Chairman who shall retain such appointment until the conclusion of business at the next Annual General Meeting.
(d) A controversial matter of Union policy involving each Member Club may, at the discretion of the Chairman, be determined by each Member Club registering one vote only, with the Chairman having the casting vote.

7. Annual Subscription
(a) Each affiliated Member Club shall pay such annual affiliation fees to England Golf as decided by England Golf. Such annual affiliation fees shall be payable once per calendar year through the County Union and shall be calculated on a per capita basis for every playing member irrespective of membership category as at 30th June in the preceding calendar year. In such circumstances if a playing member is a member of more than one affiliated Member Club the annual affiliation fee to England Golf will only be payable once and collected by the “Home Club” for handicapping purposes.
(b) In addition each affiliated Member Club shall at the same time pay any such affiliation fee to CAGU as is decided by the Council for very playing male member of such affiliated Member Club irrespective of category whose name is recorded in the membership list of that affiliated Member Club as at 30th June in the preceding calendar year starting on 1st January. Such annual affiliation fees will normally be invoiced to playing members as a disbursement. Failure by a playing member to pay such annual disbursement shall not exonerate his affiliated Club from its obligation to pay the annual affiliation fee for that playing member.

8. Other Revenue
(a) Additional revenue may be raised by the sale of Vice-Presidents Cards (National County Card Scheme) in accordance with the Rules of the Vice-Presidents membership scheme (National County Card Scheme) as determined by the Council from time to time.
(b) The Council may also raise revenue from other sources as may be determined by the Council from time to time.

9. Financial Year
The Financial Year shall be from 1st November in one year to 31st October in the following year.

10. Annual General Meeting
A General Meeting of the Union shall be held every year in November or December to transact the following business:-
(a) To receive apologies for absence.
(b) To receive the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and to deal with matters arising therefrom.
(c) To receive and consider reports from the Officers and Committees.
(d) To receive and, if approved, to adopt the Statement of Accounts for the preceding Financial Year.
(e) To fix the Annual Subscriptions.
(f) To consider and, if approved, to sanction any proposed change in the Rules or in the Competition Rules.
(g) To elect the Officers for the ensuing year.
(h) To confirm appointments of One Delegate to serve on the Council of England Golf and Two Delegates to serve on the Council of the Midland Golf Union one of whom should be the Delegate on the Council of England Golf.
(i) To receive the names of the Two Nominated Representatives from each Member Club.
(j) To deal with business previously specified by the Council.
(k) To deal with any other matters or suggestions previously notified in writing to the Secretary and received by him not less than seven days preceding the date of the Annual General Meeting.
(l) To discuss, but not determine, any other relevant matters which may be voiced by Council Members.

Notice to convene every General Meeting shall be sent not less than twenty-one days before the date of such Meeting to every member of the Council and to the Secretary or Manager of every Member Club for display on the Notice Board of every Member Club.

11. Attendance at General Meetings
(a) In addition to the Officers and Nominated Representatives from each Member Club, any male member of a Member Club may attend at a General Meeting and speak (but not vote) on a particular subject providing that the Union Secretary has received written notice from that member not less than seven days preceding the date of the General Meeting of his attention to attend and speak, and that this subject matter carries written approval of his Club.
(b) A Past-President of the Union may attend at any General or Council Meeting of the Union but shall not have the power to vote.

12. Special General Meetings
A Special General Meeting may be convene either by the Executive Committee or on the written request of not fewer than seven Members of the Council addressed to the Union Secretary. At such a meeting, to be held within six weeks of the request, only such matters and suggestions as are specified in the Notice convening the Meeting shall be considered.

13. Discipline
(a) A Discipline Committee consisting of the Officers of the Union, of whom the quorum shall be three, shall be responsible for the enforcement of the Rules of Golf, the Competition Rules of the Union and the conditions governing and championship, competition or match organised by the Union and for the maintenance of standards of behaviour among playing members where such behaviour is important for the good name of the Union.
(b) The Discipline Committee shall investigate:-
(i) the breach of any rules or conditions referred to in paragraph (a) of the Rule alleged to have occurred in any championship, competition, or match organised by the Union or referred to the Union by a Member Club or any other recognised Golfing Authority.
(ii) the behaviour of any playing member alleged to have been detrimental to the good name of the Union.
(c) The Discipline Committee shall have the power to expel or suspend a Member Club or Playing Member or impose such other penalty on a Member Club or Playing Member as is considers appropriate for any breach proved to the satisfaction of the Discipline Committee to have occurred and shall have the similar power in relation to a Playing Member for any behaviour detrimental to the good name of the Union so proved.
(d) A Member Club or Playing Member on whom a penalty is imposed by the Discipline Committee shall have the right of appeal to the Council. Any such appeal shall be lodged in writing with the Secretary of the Union within 30 days of the announcement of the Discipline Committee’s decision to impose a penalty. On lodging of such appeal the penalty imposed by the Discipline Committee shall be suspended pending the hearing of the appeal.
(e) A Special General Meeting of the Council shall be held to consider any such appeal, which shall by way of re-hearing, and the Council shall have the power to increase the penalty imposed by the Discipline Committee. The appellant may appear in person, accompanied if he wishes by an adviser, and may give and call evidence and address argument to the Council, The Council’s decision on any appeal shall be final, each Member Club having one vote.
Note: Pursuant to the above, the Union adopts the “INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROCEDURE AND CONDUCT OF DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEES IN RELATION TO THE CONDUCT OF PLAYING MEMBERS” as incorporated within the Constitution of England Golf. Copies of the document or procedure may b obtained from the Union Secretary or the Secretary of a Member Club.

14. Competition Rules
The Council shall have the power to make Rules for regulating the entry and conduct of its own championships and competitions in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club. A copy of such Rules in current operation shall be available for inspection at every Member Club on application to the Secretary or Manager thereof.

15. Alteration of Rules
The Council shall have power to propose alterations to these Rules and to the Competition Rules, but no alteration shall take effect until the same has been sanctioned at the next Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose.


1. Object:
To support and encourage the activities of the Cambridgeshire Area Golf Union.

2. Membership:
All Men Members aged 18 and over on 1st January of Affiliated Clubs are members of the scheme if their Club has agreed to act as a Host Club by offering reciprocal arrangements with all other Clubs that are members of the scheme. Women Members aged 18 and over on 1st January of Affiliated Clubs may join on-bloc if they have all contributed an annual cost of £3.00 per Woman Member. Alternatively cards may be purchased annually by individual Women Members aged 18 and over on 1st January of Affiliated Clubs that have agreed to act as a Host Club at a cost of £15.00. Cards are valid from the first day of March to the last day of February.
Members of Affiliated Clubs that do not wish to join the National Scheme will have a £3.00 deduction made on their affiliation fee but will not be entitled to purchase County Cards.

3. Privileges:
National County Card members may play at least once at any of the Host Clubs on payment of half the daily green fee or, in some instances, the members’ guest rate. Some Host Clubs MAY allow more than one visit.
Bookings must be made in advance with the Host Club and restrictions on time and day of the week may apply. In general, booking will not be accepted for weekends or for Bank Holidays.
The Card must be endorsed and the appropriate green fee paid before play.
Card members must have current CONGU handicaps and must agree to be bound by the rules of the Club being visited.
The Card may only be used for groups of up to four players and may not be used in connection with larger groups or societies.